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i always think “if people want to talk to me they will” which is my reasoning for never really starting conversations so i’m permanently thinking no one wants to talk but what if they’re sat there thinking the same and it’s just this cycle of silence that never gets broken because i’m too stubborn to just put myself out there 


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"I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream" and "thank God it’s Friday" are two phrases that will never be the same because of twenty one pilots


how do you get a nice body without moving

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he’s been cuddling air for 8 hours


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there is nothing rarer and more beautiful than liking every song on an album

thanks Megan

i love american horror story asylum

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So I got to hold up Josh Dun?
It was one of the best things I ever got to experience
(Dallas 10/16)

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are you a dog? no ? goodbye

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im not even a 2nd choice im like an 8th choice sometimes a 10th

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what i like:


what i dont like:


last night at dallas night 1 tyler didnt have anything to climb so he was like fuck this im climbing SOMETHING so he went up to the seats and stood on the guardrail. what a dork.

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drunk in love/can’t help falling in love

So lemme drop this off here. twenty one pilots. They are my favorite band, and have been for quite a while. Tyler and Josh mean so much to me. To finally see them live, i just. oh my god. Its been a very rough week on my well being, and this concert was just what i needed. It made me forget about everything; it almost felt like it cleansed my soul. Everyone in that room shared a similar feeling, and that was community. Tyler and Josh made everyone feel so important. It made me feel important.
They exceeded my expectations. I’m so happy an tired and I can’t hear see breathe or speak. Im hungry and thirsty and I forgot my wallet in my car before the show, but everything is okay. To have finally seen them after such a long time… Incredible. If you’re unsure about these two dorks, see them live. 100% guaranteed the most insane and amazing thing you will experience. i knew they were great, but…. damn.
I can’t wait to see them again soon.